Company Administration

Support our clients' needs

Our professional team is ready and available on a daily basis to instantly respond and support our clients’ needs and requirements for their day to day operations by proving a wide range of administration services.

Our services include:

  • Managing telephone, faxes, mail and e-mail correspondence
  • Preparation, review and execution of agreements
  • Monitoring local compliance with statutory requirements and filings
  • Attending meetings and carrying out negotiations on behalf of clients
  • Assistance for setting up a fully-fledged office in Cyprus
  • Application for Tax Status Certificates
  • Recruitment services – Recruiting of local staff
  • Selecting personal and business accommodation
  • Managing correspondence with third parties and Governmental Authorities
  • Arranging for the Audit, Tax and VAT work
  • Applying for and obtaining various kinds of licenses for companies
  • Issuing of invoices, credit notes and other documents
  • Arranging for the registration of trade names and trade marks
  • Assisting in obtaining work permits for expatriate employees
  • Arranging for legal work where necessary
  • Arranging for the legalisation and certification of documents
  • Preparing resolutions for opening bank accounts and other bank matters
  • Providing translation services for most of the European languages