Contracts, Administration and Other

In situations where the client does not wish to maintain fully operational offices in Cyprus, we can provide full day-to-day administrative services ensuring the smooth, efficient and cost-effective operation of the company. Our services include:

  • Assistance in meeting bank officers, advocates and other professionals and provision of board room facilities for such meetings.
  • Preparation of documentation for opening and operating bank accounts with any of the local or international banks operating in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Preparation of documentation for operating bank accounts through Internet Banking facilities.
  • Monitoring and reporting bank account movements.
  • Arranging the issuance of documentary letters of credit, bank guarantees and bills of exchange.
  • Assistance in the application of obtaining work and residence permits in Cyprus.
  • Drafting of contracts of employment.
  • Arranging the payment of monthly social insurance contributions and tax deducted from employees’ salaries.
  • Preparation of sales invoices, arranging their dispatch and monitoring debtor collections.
  • Providing secretarial support.
  • Preparation of documentation for payment of dividends.
  • Dealing with the Central Bank and other local authority issues.
  • Assistance in the application of opening an office in Cyprus.
  • Acting as receivers, liquidators and undertaking the winding up of a company.
  • Acting as Escrow Agents.