Fiduciary Services

Providing internet banking facilities

A wide range of banking administration services is given to our clients by our firm to support their day to day operations worldwide. The high experience of our firm in this area along with the perfect personal relationships we have with all financing institutions in Cyprus allow us to give our clients the best services the market can offer.
Our clients are assured of absolute privacy and confidentiality through the provision of Bank Account Management Services by our high calibre employees.

Our services include:

  • Banking introductions to reputable banks
  • Operation of bank accounts
  • Opening of corporate, personal and trust accounts with any local or International bank
  • Provision of bank signatories and processing and execution of bank instructions
  • Providing internet banking facilities
  • Arranging for bank credit cards or applications for financing
  • Provision of ‘Bank Account Management Services’
  • Liaising with banks to assist with corporate and personal loan applications
  • Assistance and liaising with banks for the timely, correct execution, and follow up of fund transfers
  • Arranging, handling and transferring Letters of credit
  • Arranging back-to-back and other credit facilities